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Significance of Engagement ring

The engagement rings are the symbol of the commitment to unite called marriage in long life relationship of husband and wife. It is also a pledge of love which shows that woman is no longer available to be courted by other men. After wearing, it shows that now woman's Classic Wedding Invitations are engaged by somebody else.

Usually engagement ring is worn on the second last finger of the left hand till the couple gets married. After marriage, the engagement ring is replaced with the wedding ring. The second last finger of left hand finger is designated as "ring finger". This is due to very ancient belief that the vein of love called (vena amoris) which is connected directly to the heart passes through the ring finger. Hence, wearing engagement ring in the ring finger will keep your beloved nearer to your heart.

History of Engagement ring

The ring which we called engagement rings has its own interesting history. Engagement ring was known with different names, made from variety of different materials; not having always made up of precious metals and stunning gems like today. Since ancient times, engagement rings and wedding bands have been a symbol of love. A ring means a shape of circle with no beginning and no end is also the symbol of Sun, Universe, Earth, Holiness, Peace. Before centuries, cavemen used circle of reed or grass to show that two hearts are joined as one. In ancient Europe, the hair of loved ones was used as lover's knot was indicated as symbol of love, faith and friendship. The form of engagement ring or wedding band that what we see today appeared first in 15th century when Archduke Maximillian of Hamburg gifted a diamond engagement ring to his future bride Maria of Hungary. It seems that this gesture was accepted and became trend among wealthy people. Later in late 1800, when large quantity of diamond was found in Africa flooded the market. Later in 1900, the diamond sellers started campaigning diamond engagement rings and wedding bands which ultimately became the norm.

However, various countries have different history and significance of engagement rings and wedding bands. Let us see essential facts about wedding band and engagement ring as reported from country to country.


The famous wedding bands were originated in ancient Egypt where plant sections were rolled into circles to signify never ending and immortal love. Even the concept of ring finger was also originated from here.


Romans followed Egyptian with regard to ring finger. But the significance of offering wedding bands slightly differed. Roman men used to claim their woman by offering the ring rather than symbol of ownership like Egyptian.


Before centuries, Europeans started with the engagement ring with what we honor it today. But the engagement ring was also called as Poesy ring. Poesy ring was engraved bands with promises and sentiments and offered to a lover. It was offered to beloved as form of promise, indicating love and fidelity. It was also offered as the pledge of eternal togetherness ultimately as a promise of eternal marriage.


In America, all jewelry items were prohibited during colonial period due to their apparent moral irrelevant. A thimble was offered as a token of love signifies the promise of eternal union. Once the couple gets married, the women remove the bottom of their engagement thimble to form like a ring.

To summarize, the clear meaning of offering engagement rings or wedding bands is the honor of union, betrothal and marriage which has become a tradition since ancient times. However, it may not be so romantic and glamorous as it is these days. But still exchanging it was a kind of contract of betrothal or marriage.

Today wedding bands and engagement rings are not made up from hair, grass, plants like early days but a band made from precious metals like gold, silver and platinum with stunning gems like diamond, emerald and ruby in the center of the band. Now, it has become a part of jewelry items which shows the wealth, prosperity and richness of the man.

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